Gabriella LoganPublic School Initiative Program Manager

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Gabriella spent much of her childhood enjoying nature, and asking questions about the environment, its inhabitants and its impact on everyday life. Gabriella credits her passion for and love of the environment to her mother, who had a strong interest in learning about and protecting it. The result? She raised a daughter to do exactly the same. But Gabriella’s passion for all things natural did not stop there. She soon found herself indulged in many programs and activities that continually piqued her curiosity and that provided an outlet for her development and expansion of knowledge. This lead to her decision to major in Environmental Science at Spelman College, a decision for which she will be forever grateful.

Combining her love for the environment with her passion for education and learning, Gabriella embarked on many journeys that provided opportunities to work with children ranging in age from 4 to 17 as well as youth in middle schools and high schools throughout Georgia. Eventually her passion for protecting the environment grew so strong, that she decided that she needed to engage herself in helping to educate others on how they too could help protect our world. As a student interning for a variety of environmental organizations and foundations, ranging from those focused on recycling, sustainability practices, environmental justice, and environmental education, Gabriella honed her skills and increased her knowledge. The knowledge she gained while working as a long-term intern for The Captain Planet Foundation©, as a certified naturalist for the Chattahoochee Nature Center and more enables her to fully engage with the projects at GYF. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge, practical skills and an enduring passion and grace of working with and teaching others.

Aside from her work in the environment, she has a strong passion for guitar having played for more than 9 years. She also loves collecting vintage cassettes, vinyl records, classic guitars, and old model cars. Gabriella is a very eclectic person and is excited to be a part of the GYF team!

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