1. Schools/clubs may choose from the following CLEAN modules:

  • The Recycling Module (Environmental Detective) which explores nature’s mysteries, investigates the 3 R’s, identifies energy hogs, and navigates through nature.
  • The Conservation Module (Wet-and-Wild), which gives children hands on experience with all aspects of water and the importance of water conservation, and exposes them to wildlife habitats, gardening, and composting.
  • The Wellness Module (Living Energetically). In order to live life with vigor, one must choose a healthy lifestyle. GYF engages the students in exploring air pollution and activities that will improve air quality, look at food and exercise in a new way, and engage little gardeners in bringing the farm to the table.

2. A six-week Recycling Set-up Program to help schools, clubs, offices, and corporations divert recyclable material from landfills. GYF will quantitatively evaluate the base-line situation, disseminate education on the program throughout, set-up the program with bins, posters, and outside dumpsters, and kick start the program.


For the 2012/2013 academic year, GYF plans to be in 10 schools and clubs across metro-Atlanta. The breakdown of schools and clubs will be as follows:

4 Elementary Schools

3 Boys & Girls Clubs

3 High Schools

The specific schools and clubs will be selected based on criteria such as need, location, committed staff/liaisons, and strategic projects to benefit the school and their community.


Please complete and submit the following if you are interested in bringing Greening Youth Foundation programming to your school/club/community. Our education department will be in touch with you within the next day.

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